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Product Development Engineer (FT)

Southington, ConnecticutFull-time
About the Job
Position Summary:
Works under the general direction of the Product Manager & Sr. Product Development Engineer, responsible for assisting in the development of new products, product testing, documentation, and assembly issues.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Working with the Product Manager and Sr. Product Development Engineer on new product development projects autonomously and reporting to the Sr. Product Development Engineer.
  • Testing of new and existing products under the supervision of Sr. Product Development Engineer.
  • Periodically checking up on various departments to recognize issues with parts or assemblies and implementing solutions to speed up the manufacturing, finishing or assembly processes.
  • Work with UL to keep the UL factory inspection and product certification up to date.
  • Work with the finishing, manufacturing, and assembly department to make sure all engineering documentation required is there and up to date. 
  • Recognize areas where documentation is lacking or required to streamline the flow of engineering information uniformly across all relevant departments.
  • Use Solidworks PDM to understand the products and provide immediate assistance to the relevant department in case of lack of specific engineering information.
  • Responsible for product prototyping and testing stage. Understanding which processes and manufacturing methods are available to efficiently achieve goals in a timely manner.
  • Assist proper procurement of samples and oversee production of any components produced in-house. 
  • Use 3D printing tools available at Juniper to ensure efficient production of prototypes. 
  • Work with the Sr. Development Engineer to manage alpha and beta prototypes using results to modify engineering models. 
  • Keeping in view the goals and functionality of the product, perform thorough installation testing to mimic onsite conditions to understand the shortcomings of both new and existing products.
  • Work with the production, assembly, finishing, and engineering department to improve parts/products such that it involves the least complications for any of the departments while achieving the end goals for the product both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Come up with quick, efficient, and well-thought-out solutions to issues with existing products and devise methods to resolve them using jigs, design modifications, and process improvements.
  • Work with a technical documentation person to improve documentation where necessary and make sure to keep all documentation up to date especially when ECOs are released.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.  
  • At least three years of experience in project, design, or related engineering experience. 
  • Proven experience in mechanical design and manufacturing in the product industry. 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of designing parts for plastic injection molding, aluminum extrusions, investment castings, and aluminum die casting (including thermal properties thereof). 
  • Knowledge in machining, spinning, metal stamping, and laser cutting.
  • Experience working with rapid prototype design and build for proof of concept, usability testing, and with electromechanical design.
  • Experience with 3D printing.
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills for interaction with various levels of management and customers. 
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. 

  • Full Medical, Dental, and Vision.
  • Annual bonus plan.
  • Matching 401k.
  • Generous PTO
  • Flex Time Arrangements
  • Career Pathing
    About Juniper

    Juniper is a fast-growing technology-oriented lighting design and manufacturing business with our manufacturing facility located in Southington, CT and our showroom in New York, NY. We operate in the high-end architectural lighting industry; manufacturing innovative, custom solutions for luxury office, retail, commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces worldwide.